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General Information

Are your products RoHS compliant?

The majority of our products are RoHS compliant.  The only items that are currently not compliant would be the Carbon Steel, Zinc Dichromate retaining rings.  Please ask us about your specific item.

What are your standard terms and conditions?

Please review all of our standard terms, conditions, and privacy policy posted on our page footer.

Do you manufacture in the United States?

Prospect Fastener is a value added distributor of mainly domestic products.  We partner with U.S. based manufacturers such as Rotor Clip, KMC Stampings, Driv-Lok Inc, Kerr Lakeside, Ring Masters, Stanlok, Smalley, Western Wire Products....to help bring their products to the marketplace in the quantities our customer's desire with immediate delivery options.

Can I get Waldes Truarc parts?

The Waldes Truarc company is no longer in business.  Rotor Clip purchased Waldes Truarc in 2009.  All standard parts previously manufactured by Waldes Truarc are available from Rotor Clip.  Prospect Fastener is Rotor Clip's master distributor and handles the transition for customers that are unable to go direct to Rotor Clip.

How can I measure a retaining ring without the tools. I am in a rural area without much support. I have a pto shaft on a tractor measures 1 1/4 outside, need a retaining ring for shaft. thank you kurt

It's very difficult to measure a retaining ring without the appropriate tools.  However, the retaining rings are typically part numbered according to their shaft or housing application.  For example, an external ring for a 1-1/4 shaft is item# SH-125.  "SH" is an abbreviation for "Shaft" and "125" refers to the decimal measurement "1.25".

How to Order

How do I order direct from Prospect Fastener online?

We have listed prices for our packaged quantities on over 5,000 items on this website.  If the current price is not available on this website, please contact us by phone, email, or online RFQ to receive proper information.

What is the minimum order requirement?

Our minimum purchase order requirement is currently $30.00 total product cost.  This does not include certification charges or other miscellaneous charges that you may require.

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