Our company Philosophy

If we are to succeed in the world market, we must be able to satisfy the market's demand for exceptional quality and service. We recognize that our most important resource is our employees and their ability to work together as a team. Quality performance through a cooperative effort from each of us, as well as from our suppliers, is required to satisfy the market's demands. Our internal systems are designed to direct our efforts toward continuous improvement in customer satisfaction. By identifying responsibilities, procedures, and practices to follow, our system emphasizes the prevention of errors and assists in identifying what corrective action must be taken in order to eliminate the cause of problems.

Our commitment to quality extends to all aspects of the organization, not just to the products we sell. It is imperative that we develop an understanding of our quality system, support our quality policy, and be involved in the improvement process to ensure that we continue to deliver superior products and services. This commitment will enable customers to identify Prospect Fastener Corporation as their preferred supplier.